MIXPLANT BATCH is a closed cycle continuous plant for mixing, pasteurisation, homogenisation and cooling of ice cream mix.

MIXPLANT plants are available with capacities from 300 to 1 200 litres of mix per hour. 

The lines are tailored to individual requirements of each client and assembled with components of world leading manufacturers.The standard lines are completed with :

  • Mixing tank (2 pcs), double speed stirrer,
  • temperature indication Mix
  • Centrifugal pump to deliver the mix to the homogenizer
  • Plate heat exchanger at 2 sections
  • High pressure Homogenizer with working pressure 250 bar, single stage
  • Control panel with all electricals, temperature display, liter counter
  • Boiler to supply hot water for the pasteurizing section of plate heat exchanger

The hot water can be prepared through electricity / gas or steam boiler.

A wide range of accessories is availalbe, such as various levels of automation, automatic milk counter, special heat exchanger for fruits.

For larger production output MIXPLANT HTST is available.


Production liters per hour

Pastereurizing system Homogenenizing pressure Pasteurizing temperature


Electric power



Intermediate cooling Final cooling
M300 300 Batch 250 BAR +85C manual  or PLC 7,4 Gas or electrical Water +25C Chilled water
M600 3600 Batch 250 BAR +85C manual  or PLC 9,8 Gas or electrical Water +25C Chilled water 
M1200 1200 Batch 250 BAR +85C manual  or PLC 16,5 Gas or Steam Water +25C Chilled water