IFX 100 Ingredients feeder is a fully automatic equipment suitable to mix dry ingredients, such as nuts, fruits, biscuits, chocolate pieces with ice cream outlet from continuous freezer.

Such components can not be processed by freezer pump, and should be mixed with ice cream . IFX 100 has been designed to fit small and medium ice-cream industries and can incorporate from minimum 5% of dry particles up to the 20% (variable according the product).

IFX 100 can be directly connected in between of freezer and filling machines for cups, cones, bulks,.


  • Mechanical features and working principle :
  • Hygienic construction in stainless steel that grants a constant and enduring quality and resistance to acids and rust attacks
  • n. 3 motors independently driven through a frequency inverter
  • ready to be connected to a C.I.P. washing system in order to avoid the dismantling of its main parts
  • The ice cream is mixed by a patented lamella pump, enabling the constant and regular flow of ingredients into the ice-cream from the continuous freezer and preserve the ice cream structure and creamyness
  • The ingredients are fed into a hopper where the action of a stirrer avoids the forming of lumps; An auger, with speed adjustment, assures their constant flow to the feeding pump
  • The lamella feeding pump, with speed regulator, receives the ingredients and after an accurate dosing, allows their inflow into the ice-cream exiting one or more continuous freezers
  • Automatic run with Siemens PLC
  • Save of working parameters on 99 recipes
  • Profibus interphace 



Ice cream capacity


Ingredients capacity










IFX 100 300-2000 20-200 40 70 x 110 x 145 380/3/50 2,4