Matrix is proud to introduce the new range of continuous ice cream freezers CFX - ECO, which is the result of over 40 years experience of Matrix's engineers in ice cream equipment manufacturing. The result is a range of fully automatic, ecological, energy-saving,  operator friendly and flexible ice cream freezers, that grants high performance and accurate controls, with economy in electric and water consumptions up to the 60% **

Features of CFX - ECO freezers :

  • SIEMENS S7 PLC with 9" colour touch screen grants fast responce to adjustments and operator's friendly interphace
  • ECO technology with 4 frequency inverters. 
  • Automatic start up procedure ensure easy control and quick production start up with minimum product waste ( 4.5 minutes for CFX 700)
  • Hold on production allows interventions on the filling machines and avoid wastes
  • Quick automatic production resume procedure
  • Automatic stop procedure
  • Production parameters adjusted are saved under recipes
  • Smart operator warnings designed to prevent malfunctions
  • Alarm record of anomalies and malfunctions
  • Data production record and statistics
  • Guide to mantainance operations prevent unexpected brokes
  • Built-in drive of filling valve, adjustable from PLC program (optional)
  • three CIP cycles designed for manual, semi-automatic and Automatic washing to ensure the highest hygienic standards
  • 2 pumps : mix-air inlet pump and ice cream outlet pump
  • Bitzer semi hermetic compressor working by R 449a


Adjustable parameters :

  • ice cream mix inlet flow
  • ice cream outlet temperature
  • ice cream viscosity ( ice cream hardness )
  • overrun
  • cylinder pressure
  • dasher speed ( to obtain ice cream with desired structure and overrun )


** variable upon the working conditions


Ice cream output 


Overrun Controls Ice cream outlet temperature







CFX 700 ECO 700 10-130% Automatic -1 / -10 °C 85/160/175 400/3/50 17.6 Water
CFX 1000 ECO 1000 10-130% Automatic -1 / -10 °C 95/226/180 400/3/50 22.5 Water
CFX 1600 ECO 1600 10-130% Automatic -1 / -10 °C 95/226/180 400/3/50 37.0 Water