PINGUINO - equipment for the production of ice-cream stick lollies. Pinguino Model 500 and 1000 are designed for small factories or test units  ( special version with 2 stages compressor reach -40°C abailable).

Molds can be selected from more than 300 different models, all made in stainless steel AISI 316L high thickness. The equipment operates on antifreeze glycole.

High capacity refrigeration system, with semi-hermetic compressor, allow the achievement of the temperature of -35 ° C. These temperatures are required for rapid freezing of the product with uniform and creamy structure.

Built-in defrosting bath. Defrosting and separation of the product is simple with built-in cooling bath electrically heated stainless steel.


Great value for money.



Type Quantity of
liquid (min-max/kg)
Moulds Mode Cooling Electric

Installed power


PINGUINO 500 500 by 70 gr. 6 by 24 -30C antifreeze 380/50/3 7,2 165/72/115
PINGUINO 1000 1000 by 70 gr. 10 by 24 -30C antifreeze 380/50/3 14,1 245/72/115