combined professional ice cream machines

3 system range are combined professional ice cream & gelato equipment, that in a single machine which combines the functions of:
1- mixing the ingredients
2- pasteurizing the mix
3- freezing the ice cream, gelato and sorbet.

3 System combines the two elements of the traditional technology for homemade ice cream:
PASTEURIZER fitted with an high speed stirrer suitable for the perfect mixing of the ingredients, and capable of reaching the 95 ° C temperature
FREEZER, high performance, equipped with stainless steel turbine three-spoke plastic scrapers easily replaceable and long lasting, with self-adjusting spring load.

The hot mixture passes from the pasteurizer to batch freezer, where it undergoes a thermal shock, and in a few minutes is cooled to + 95 ° C to -10 ° C, passing directly from the liquid phase to the phase of creamed. This process takes place inside the cylinder, without external manipulation or picking and passing in dry (as in the system pasteurizer + batch freezer) and therefore always ensures perfect hygiene ice cream.

There are no dead time, because at the same time 3 System heats and freezes, with the same time; so every 10 minutes a cycle is completed.

The passage of the mixture from the pasteurizer to batch freezer is through a faucet and a stainless steel tube of external connection. This solution allows to use the pasteurizer also for the preparation of blends for use in other ice cream machines, such as for example a batch freezer already present at the side of 3 System.


Weighing and mixing the ingredients taste for taste, as expected from the combined system, you always get an ice cream well balanced, avoiding waste of flavored pastas.
In a single machine of only cm. 70 x 85 contains a complete laboratory professional ice cream.
3 System is always an economical solution, which is investing in management.
The product never comes into contact with foreign elements such as buckets or whisks, and is therefore demolished the most of the bacteria, in strict compliance with HACCP.
Pasteurizing and stir in every flavor you can produce real-time ice cream, then getting an ice cream always freshly made.
VERSION Tectronic and Mechanical
The control system of the consistency of the new generation 'Tectronic' constantly examines the working conditions, by comparing the values of temperature, engine effort, pressure refrigeration system, and to determine more accurately when the ice cream is ready The consistency of the ice cream can always be modified, according to personal needs.
Some models are also available with simple mechanical controls.


VERSION classic
Matrix has also thought about the needs of the many ice cream makers who appreciate the simple machines and functional, creating the series 'classic'.

All models have the same classic same technical characteristics of the models 'tectronic' then equal motors, cylinders, agitators, but differ in the type controls simplified and intuitive.


E 'with a supporting grid and a practical collection tank of liquid, which can be connected directly to the drain. Avoids the frequent cleaning of the mat supplied to other machines, and facilitates the collection of waste water:
To handle all types of container, whatever its size, practices adjustable fins allow you to always have a tray securely attached to the shelf and easy operation of the ice cream variegation
The practice hand shower 2 position allows modulation of the water flow through the tap modulation of the jet, and can be directly connected to the hot water in the laboratory and thus make more simple and faster cleaning.


During freezing the ice cream makers can keep an eye on the cycle at a distance, because while the process of freezing transforms the mixture into ice cream, turn on the lights gradually BAR LCD clearly indicating when the cycle is ending.
Once the freezing, signaled by a beep and flashing BAR LCD, it is not essential to hurry to the extraction of the ice cream: the system tectronic automatically wake cycle, while keeping the consistency of the product that remains in the batch freezer , is all, is that it is only partially extracted.


Ergonomic control panel with intuitive controls, operated by the left hand to be able to freely challenge a spatula with his right hand.
Control buttons of great dimension with icons easy to interpret
Cylinder direct expansion of freon gas
Door stainless steel safety regulations
Practical system of opening and closing of the door
Water cooled and air standard with surcharge.
Electric system to CE standards
Refrigeration system operating with the modern and environmentally friendly gas R 404a
Frame made of high strength steel with painting treatment electrolytic multilayer
External paneling in stainless steel AISI 304


Type Quantity of
liquid (min-max/kg)
Quantity of
produced (L)
Capacity (kg/h) Capacity (l/h) Electric
Speed of
Dimension (mm) Net
wight (kg)
3 SYSTEM 7/Q 1,5/7 2-10 42 12-60 400/50/3 2 yes 1377/610/910 286
3 SYSTEM 12/Q 3/12 4-16 70 34-92 400/50/3 2 yes 1377/610/910 341
3 SYSTEM 18/Q 5/18 6-24 105 42-140 400/50/3 2 yes 1437/610/1055 401