ARGOS is a complete range of pasteurizers that amalgamate, pasteurize, cool and mature the ice cream mix.

The range ARGOS TecTronic is equipped with modern programming system that allows the ice cream maker to adapt to their needs machine functions, saving the settings under different programs. Some models are also available with simple mechanical controls "M" version.


The standard programs of series of ARGOS TecTronic are:
1. High Pasteurization + 85 ° C
Heating to 85 ° C, rapid cooling to + 4 ° C and subsequent aging with constant temperature control. E 'of the pasteurization cycle most widely used, for maximum reduction of bacterial.

2. Low Pasteurization + 65 ° C
Heating at + 65 ° C, pauses for 30 minutes and rapid cooling at + 4 ° C, with subsequent aging. It 'a pasteurization cycle delicate, suitable mixtures without egg and that allows to preserve to the maximum the characteristics organoletiche of fresh ingredients.


Type Loading  (min-max/kg) Tank volume




Speed of
cooling  Dimension (mm) Net
weight (kg)
weight (kg)
ARGOS 60/Q 20-60 60 8 400/50/3 4/cont. Water 1030/350/950 186 203
ARGOS 130/Q 30-125 125 12,5 400/50/3 4/cont. Water 1030/520/950 220 237
ARGOS 180/Q 50-175 175 15,6 400/50/3 4/cont. Water 1030/650/950 248 269